Here we will be adding miscellaneous model car parts.


Some will be NEW and some will be USED as we sometimes buy large part lots. 

 We will only post what we have available.


If there are multiples of the same part they will show in stock, otherwise the part will be set up as qty 1 and deleted once sold, so a first come first serve basis. 

Majority of the parts are common kit parts, but some are hard to find or no longer in production so prices will vary depending on the item. The posting will also have an abbreviation to identify it.

We will do our best to describe the parts condition and what kit it came out of. If kit is unknown it will be posted as the part we see; for example: hubcap(s), seats, wheels etc...

It is best to see all the pictures and read description before purchasing part.



                                                                                 NEW: open kit part, never used

                                                                                 USED: scratches, yellowing, glue, defect etc

                                                                                 HTF: hard to find, no longer in production